Film location

The palace enchanted the world of film with its charm
and more than once transformed into a spectacular film set.

Film productions

Famous directors, Polish, German and even Bollywood ones, found the perfect interiors for their films in the Palace. Wojciech Smarzowski and Agnieszka Holland, among others, are very fond of the Palace.

Mr. Jones

Agnieszka Holland

Agnieszka Holland’s brave film “Mr Jones” (Polish title “Obywatel Jones”) is a story based on facts about an English journalist (Gareth Jones), who, after many perturbations related to bypassing the Stalinist regime, goes to Ukraine, where hunger kills millions of people.

For the time of the film set, the palace interiors were transformed into the embassy of the Soviet Union, and the office room, which had not yet been renovated at that time, became the room of Jones.

The world premiere of the film took place on 10 February 2019 in Berlin. The film won the Golden Lions main prize at the 44 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and was released in Polish cinemas on 25 October 2019.

The Mighty Angel

Wojciech Smarzowski

It is a screen adaptation of Jerzy Pilch’s novel of the same title. The protagonist of the film is Jerzy (Robert Więckiewicz), a writer and alcoholic. The moment of falling in love with a young girl and the feeling that he has something and someone to live for, becomes a turning point in the fight against addiction.

The premiere of the film took place on 17 January 2014


Wojciech Smarzowski

A controversial film by Wojciech Smarzowski, “Clergy” with many of its scenes shot in the Goetz Palace. The director placed the bishop’s curia in the palace library, where Janusz Gajos says the famous phrase: “golden yet modest…”

Banquet halls and the Atrium were also used in the film. The eastern wing of the Palace served as a seminar for young seminarians, while one of the hotel rooms was a place where shots were prepared with Jacek Braciak, who played the role of a controversial priest.

The premiere of the film took place on 28 September 2018.

Bose: Dead/Alive


The production of the historical drama “Bose: Dead/Alive” by Pulkit for Bollywood was shocking due to the scenography of the Palace.

The protagonist of the film is Subhas Chandra Bose, an Indian independence politician who, in the fact that India is an English colony, saw only the profit of the latter. During World War II, he fought to free India from the influence of the British Empire, seeking support from the Nazis and not hesitating to direct his steps towards Hitler himself. These scenes were shot in the Palace, which was transformed into the headquarters of the Chancellor of the Third Reich for the time of shooting.

An interesting fact is that the impersonator of the role of the inaccessible chancellor of the Third Reich actually had a comical sense of humor and his laughter was able to defuse even the most tense atmosphere during filming.

The film was released on 20 November 2017.


Abhisheka Kapoora

The Bollywood director found the Palace as the perfect place for his movie “Fitoor” (which roughly translates as: obsession, passion, madness). It is an adaptation of the famous novel by Charles Dickens “Great Expectations”.

The film is a love story lasting from childhood to adulthood of a good artist whose social origin does not allow him to marry his beloved. Perhaps everything would have turned out well if the mother, who had been hurt in her love, had not interfered with the mésalliance attempt.

During the filming of this production, the Palace was transformed into various roles – including the venue of an exhibition in London. One of the banquet rooms was painted red for the film, and the assembly of the huge bed, which has its 5 seconds in the film, took several days. Another interesting exhibit in the film was a plaster horse, the sculpture of which was prepared on the spot with great care and lots of work – symbol of the first meeting with the loved one.

The premiere of the film took place on 12 February 2016.

TV productions

Polish TV productions have also discovered the charms of the place by using them in their programs and series.


(Eng. Erinyes)

Borys Lankosz

Erynie is an exciting series based on Marek Krajewski’s cult crime novels.
Marcin Dorociński plays the role of the controversial Commissioner Edward Popielski, who begins to conduct private investigations. Due to his epilepsy, which is activated by sunlight, he functions mainly at night. He operates outside the law, of which he is the official guardian.

The Goetz Palace became the residence of Count Józef Bekierski, played by Marcin Bosak.

The series aired on October 25, 2022.

Watch the full episode on VODTVP

Miasto Skarbów ep 8

(Eng. Treasure city)

Piotr Jaworski

Not without reason, the Palace became the background of the 8th episode of “Miasto Skarbów”. It is a crime series produced by Telewizja Polska, the protagonists of which are people who love works of art. Their love for art is so great that it becomes a motive for committing a crime.

Watch the full episode on the VODTVP

Drogi wolności ep 12

(Eng. Roads of freedom)

Maciej Migas

An intriguing story of three young sisters, played by: Paulina Gałązka (Marynia), Katarzyna Zawadzka (Alina) and Julia Rosnowska (Lala). The action of the series takes place in the period 1914-1926. In the wake of the end of the war, the protagonists set up the weekly Iskra in Kraków. Its first issue, after many perturbations, was published on 11 November 1918.

The Palace was the venue for the cinematic wedding of Zuzanna Zielińska and Antoni Królikowski.

Watch the full episode on VODTVP
Scena zaślubin z serialu Drogi wolności zrealizowana w sali bankietowej w Pałacu Goetz
Kadr z programu MasterChef Polska realizowany na terenie Pałacu Goetz

MasterChef Polska Season 3, ep 6

Maciej Sobociński

Polish culinary program broadcast from 2 September 2012 on TVN, based on the British format of the same name. The Palace was the background of a luxury hotel where participants were to prepare breakfast for demanding guests.

Watch the full episode on YouTube

MasterChef Junior Season 3, ep 6

Maciej Sobociński

Since 2016, the Polish version of the MasterChef Junior program has also been broadcast, in which children aged 8–13 take part, and the jurors are: Mateusz Gessler, Michel Moran, Anna Starmach.

In this episode, young chefs faced a real challenge, because they had to demonstrate their culinary skills in the huge kitchen of the Goetz Palace under the supervision of our chef.

Watch the full episode on TVN Player

Photo sessions

The spectacular interiors of the palace are a tasty morsel for fashion designers who want to present their collections in a unique way. One of the sessions of its collection was made by POCA & POCA, a company producing outfits for Arab women from the Arab Emirates and Qatar. The interiors of the Palace were also used to create a beautiful OE Industry calendar.




The palace interiors were also the background for many advertisements of such brands as Danio and Lifebuoy.


The advertisement was created on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Mały Głód (Little Hunger). The Palace was the background to the birthday party of Mały Głód, where many interesting guests appeared, such as Mummy, Dracula, Cruella De Mon, Snow Queen and Thing from the Adams Family. The advertisement had 600 thousand views on YouTube.


In 2014, the Palace took part in an advertisement for Unilever disinfecting soap.
The action takes place in Great Britain.

Productions in the Palace

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